The Android enterprise Summit has been, for what I’d imagine anyone who’s followed anything I do online for a minute or two would agree for obvious reasons, one of my most eagerly anticipated events of the year. Although a lot of the content wasn’t necessarily new information for me, I did come away learning of a few new features heading to the Android ecosystem in the near future, as well as further details on previous announcements, particularly with the upcoming release of P. There are some really good things to come. Those of you who were around during the summit … read more.

I’m attending MobileIron LIVE 2018 on the 16th and 17th of May. Follow along below, or feel free to head over to the Discuss topic for live updates. I’ll be arriving a little late so will miss the opening, but I’ll look to circle back around to that when I get there. Something to say? Questions for the MobileIron team? Leave a comment below and I’ll aim to answer!

Earlier this month, VMware announced version 9.4 of their popular UEM solution and with it, both a stronger focus on Android enterprise and a rebranding exercise to bring the platform closer in line with VMware’s range of other products: This update therefore bids farewell to the AirWatch name, brand and colour scheme of old, other than the odd references here and there, and completes the brand unification that I imagined would be somewhat inevitable following the AirWatch acquisition some years ago: The rebrand has certainly raised a few eyebrows across the industry, however in reality the name change doesn’t mean … read more.

May 8th marks the first day of the Android enterprise Partner Summit, offering attendees a wide array of talks, demos, and information across two dedicated tracks (technical & go to market). Given the success of 2017’s summit (see reference for that here) I’m super excited to be attending. As a bit of an experiment and a first of its kind for the site, I’m going to be live-blogging the event (not religiously, but certainly highlights) throughout day one and two. The feed for that is below! For live updates without refreshing the page and to get involved with questions or … read more.

Oreo was released to the public last August; by Christmas I had a selection of Android 8.0 devices to hand and as of last week only 20% of my Android estate was not running 8.0 or above, one of which was my Note 8 which had been seemingly permanently stuck on 7.1.1 and failed to get any security updates beyond Jan 2018. On Sunday evening however I did one of many weekly manual update checks since the announcement of Oreo for the Note some time back, and finally the upgrade had arrived (with last month’s security update – March 2018) … read more.

Today, with the release of Core, MobileIron officially introduce support for work profiles on fully managed devices. Work profiles on fully managed devices (further referred to as managed work profile) is the fourth and final deployment scenario (far-right, pictured below) for Android enterprise and the one I’ve been waiting for since its announcement last year! For those unfamiliar, managed work profile is the equivalent of COPE – Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled – which has also gone by the name of COMP (Corporate Owned Managed Profile), WMWP (Work-Managed Work Profile) and likely other names/acronyms as well. Why is it important? … read more.

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