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This document offers definitions and descriptions of commonly referenced acronyms, names, features and more that appear in published Android and Android enterprise documents both here on and elsewhere. If there are definitions missing or incomplete, please feel free to suggest additions via email, twitter, a comment or the contact form. API One or more functions of an application or service that may be accessed by a 3rd party, either publicly or with authentication. As a practical example, the EMM agent on a device may request a passcode is set and/or validate it is both set and within policy requirements … read more.

Year in review: 2017

As 2018 approaches, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on some of this year’s activity and achievements. #1: 100K visits! Earlier in December finally reached (and has since overshot) 100,000 visits. I sent out a brief tweet to mark the occasion. 100K, while not significant compared to the big sites out on the web, is a nice milestone for me and my humble website; that’s 100,000 of you who’ve stopped by to read what I’ve written and for that I’m extremely grateful! Here’s to besting that in 2018! #2: Top articles In 2017 a couple of choice … read more.

On Tuesday, Google finally announced their intention to deprecate the Android device administration APIs – which have enabled enterprise device management since Android 2.2 Froyo in 2010 – in order to promote Android enterprise (or work profile and managed device APIs as Google refer to them) as the default and only management APIs for Android devices from 2019. In their announcement, Google state device admin will remain supported in Oreo now and through the next major release, Android P. One rather important caveat in Android P however is passcode enforcement will be deprecated ahead of being removed entirely in Android … read more.

Photos Photos in this post were taken with a Moto Z Play, and as you’ll see why when scrolling down, I don’t recommend the Z Play if you like decent pictures.. After the Android enterprise device support testing, Sony let me keep hold of the Xperia XZ1 Compact for a while longer, and I figure since it’s been more than 5 months since I sat down with the Nokia 3, I’d take the XZ1 Compact for a spin as a consumer device, too! The XZ1 Compact is Sony’s miniature alternative to their new Xperia XZ1, a device I tested earlier … read more.

What is Android enterprise? For information regarding Android enterprise, including what it is, the deployment scenarios stated below and how it can benefit organisations, have a read of What is Android enterprise and why is it used? Android enterprise vs device administrator (legacy) enrolment Unsure of the differences between Android enterprise and device administrator enrolment? Check out Android enterprise vs device administrator (legacy) enrolment. A majority of organisations looking at Android enterprise today will very likely already have a mature Android management process in place centred around the legacy device administrator enrolment model. With this model being deprecated partially with … read more.

Moto C Plus giveaway

The competition is closed! Congratulations to David in Scotland on the win! To celebrate the growing success of documentation – accounting for just under 50% of all website traffic already in only 6 months of being live – I’m doing a giveaway on the latest device to be tested against Android enterprise compatibility (results will be going live next week): The Motorola Moto C Plus in Starry Black. The device is brand new (arrived yesterday), barely used and therefore in perfect condition. I have all the devices I need here, so putting the Moto on a shelf would be a … read more.

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