From 2016 bayton-black-120px-p is looking to incorporate sponsored content into new and existing posts, as well as sponsored areas on the site, via external partners. Companies/brands are invited to reach out to  directly in order to discuss the following:

Sponsored reviews

For a sponsored review, a partner supplies physical goods or access to a paid platform in order for a review to be undertaken on a product or service.

Where the review is based on physical goods, the product supplied will often be considered payment in full (subject to agreement). For virtual goods, for example web hosting, *aaS platforms, apps or other software products, payment is preferred however a permanent license or access to the platform will be considered on a review-by-review basis.

Sponsored reviews will be highlighted as such, with links back to the partner and/or an authorised reseller to purchase the product reviewed (see the fitlet-RM review for an example of this).


Get started

Sponsored reviews can be requested by filling out the review application form. All applications are considered and typically replied to within 24 hours.

Sponsor a single post

Where a partner will be promoted on the next suitable published post as its sponsor. The brand has full say in what is written in the promotional text which will accompany the brand logo. This will be situated at the bottom of a post and will look as follows (colours/layout subject to agreement):

Sponsored by ACME

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There aren’t any sponsored posts just yet. Examples will be provided here in the future.

Get started

Sponsoring a post costs £100 and is permanent, only being removed at the request of the sponsor. Interested? Use the contact form to get in touch.

Sponsor the website

Where a partner will be promoted site-wide as a sponsor of  and a preferred vendor for the product(s) the partner sells. The partner will be listed in two locations; on the home page and all post pages, as well as having a dedicated listing under bayton.org/sponsors/partner-name which can offer more information about the partner as well as links to the products/services the partner offers.

Get started

A website sponsorship costs £500 for 1 year and includes one sponsored single post. The sponsored post is permanent, however site sponsorship expires after a year. Interested? Use the contact form to get in touch.

Why bayton-black-280px-h1?

is a technology website that combines reviews, guides, projects, opinion posts and vendor-endorsed documentation on a range of technologies targeting both consumers and the enterprise written by an industry specialist with almost a decade of experience in the field of IT.

Since founding in 2009, over the last 9 years the website has grown tremendously in readership, quality of writing, range of solutions covered and social reach. It is now in a position where I feel confident knowing I can work with partners in order to provide high quality, well thought-out and balanced articles that mutually benefit all involved.

With an average of over 10,000 views per month plus social outreach of over 7,000 individuals across Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, posts published on bayton.org can be seen by thousands of people and regularly are, as shown by these recent examples:

5 Android apps improving my Chromebook experience [Opinion] – over 2,000 views as of November 2016
LXD, ZFS and bridged networking on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS [Guide] – over 25,000 views as of December 2017
The Virtualbox bug: Cannot access the kernel driver in Windows [Guide] – just under 20,000 views since 2012
Installing Nextcloud on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Redis, APCu, SSL & Apache [Guide] – just under 30,000 views as of December 2017
What is Android enterprise and why is it used? [Document] – over 2,000 views as of December 2017

Website views year on year since 2012:

  • 2012: 6,400
  • 2013: 8,200
  • 2014: 12,200
  • 2015: 11,000
  • 2016: 60,000
  • 2017: 101,000

Stats exported Dec 2017.


Please use the contact form or email me. FAQs will be added here in time.

Current sponsors

Please navigate to bayton.org/sponsors to view all current sponsors.

Become a sponsor

If you wish to offer a product for review, please use the review application form to supply all required details.

If you wish to sponsor a single post or the site, please use the contact form. You will hear back typically within 24 hours.