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Hi 👋 I’m Jason


If you've stumbled here from the wider internet you may know me for my ramblings about Android and enterprise, but since you've landed here let's dive a little deeper!

I come from an industrial city in Wales and live here with my other half and son. I've been here most of my life, but have spent time living abroad also. When I'm not waffling on about Android I enjoy cycling the Welsh hills, learning how to snowboard, and flying my drones. I do play lower brass also - Tuba and Bass Trombone - but haven't made a lot of time for that in recent years.

I also enjoy writing reviews & guides, building websites like this one, and keeping tabs on new and upcoming tech.

I’m a certified Android SME and product guy.


I spend my time working on interesting products and services for the Android ecosystem. I like solving existing problems, and finding opportunities to preempt others through product development & innovation.

Despite supporting iOS and Windows for years, my subject matter expertise and passion resides with Android; I’ve been an Android user since the first HTC G1 (Dream) hit the shelves back in 2008 and have never looked back. It was inevitable that I’d carry the interest and enthusiasm towards the platform into the enterprise space. Today, I specialise in Android management both for device administrator and Android Enterprise deployments, while fully understanding where the platform excels and falls short.

Around 2016 I started my journey with Android Enterprise, and have worked immeasurably hard to become a recognised voice in the ecosystem today. More than just achieving Certified Android Enterprise accreditation, I'm also proud to have a fab relationship with Google and many Enterprise Mobility vendors in the ecosystem.

I enjoy actively exploring the limits of Android and EMM management capabilities both within and outside of the traditional enterprise context. A lot of this exploration is documented here on the website, allowing me to maintain an objectivity on my own published material that isn’t always possible when publishing elsewhere.

And yes, I like to write.


I firmly believe knowledge is most valuable when it is shared, and so I spend a lot of time and energy writing easy to follow guides, providing commentary on current events and generally publishing my views and experiences into the public domain in the hope others find it beneficial.

In mid-2017 I launched documentation, dedicated to some of the topics I’m passionate about in a format and layout that makes far more sense than a typical blog post. A significant portion of documentation so far is dedicated to Android Enterprise. I’ve worked with the likes of Google, Sony, Nokia, MobileIron, Miradore, IBM, Canonical and others to publish relevant, up-to-date documentation that’s not easy to find elsewhere.


And I occasionally write for others, too.


Over the years I've written for TechTarget, BrianMadden (RIP), Miradore, MobileIron (Ivanti), CWSI, Wandera, and several other outlets.

Linking to these has become a losing battle unfortunately given the nature of the never-static web; many links get changed or go dark when partner sites get revamped. That said, Googling my name will bring them up occasionally.

About this site


This website was created in 2009 for one purpose: to provide a presence for myself on the internet. It grew rather quickly from a simple online CV, morphing into a tech blog before the end of year one. This is how it has remained ever since, growing year-on-year and hitting a personal best of 200,000 annual visitors in 2019, and an all-time milestone of 1 million views in 2022.

Do you have feedback? Good. I love feedback. Email me.

Contact me


I have a dedicated contact page if you’d like to reach out.

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