Android Enterprise AMAPI QR code generator

Hi 👋. The generator has been updated. You'll need to clear your local cache to load new scripts if you have visited before.

Please assist me with validation by testing your devices and sending me a message to confirm it works - Email or comment on LinkedIn.

If your EMM doesn't offer customisation for your generated QR codes, you can use the below form to generate your own. This configurator is intended for use with AMAPI based EMMs; those that use the Android Device Policy application for device management. For custom DPC solutions (MobileIron, WS1 UEM, MaaS360, SOTI, etc) or for more customisation, more features will be added in future.

No information is stored. If you refresh the page, everything will be reset. This is intentional as I have no interest in holding on to your JSON information, Wi-Fi details, or enrolment tokens. That said, as with all third-party applications you use this at your own risk. Check with your boss before you generate tokens if you feel you need to.

What you need:

When you click Generate QR, all submitted information is processed locally, and the returned image is embedded ephemerally in this page. Right click & save to keep it, edit the submitted text and click generate again to renew it, or refresh the page to clear it.

If the image doesn't load, raise an issue and I'll take a look.

Configure provisioning options


Configure Wi-Fi network

Generate QR

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