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Hello 👋, I'm Jason, a certified Android SME with a passion for simplifying the complex world of modern device management. For years, I've been a guiding voice in the mobility space, offering my expertise to organisations across the globe through my website here and Social Media ( ). My journey began with the first HTC Dream (G1) back in the 2000's, and I've dedicated myself to becoming a recognised authority in modern Android management since it's introduction back in 2014.

I've collaborated with and consulted for leading Android OEMs, Enterprise Mobility vendors, NGOs, multiple fortune listed organisations, and my work has been acknowledged and promoted by industry giants like Google, Sony, Nokia, and many more. Whether you're a small business looking to implement your first mobility strategy or a multinational corporation planning a full-scale device rollout, I've done it all before.

Recognising the growing need for specialised, hands-on support, I've now made the necessary changes to offer sustainable commercial support as an independent contractor over and above what I offer at no cost already. As your mobility partner, I can offer you the necessary knowledge and resources needed to achieve your mobility goals. From strategy planning to end-to-end deployment, I offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs.

So, let's embark on this journey together and make your enterprise mobility vision a reality.

First, who are you? -

We're an organisation managing devices


I've supported customers with their mobility needs since 2013 across all major OEMs and EMMs. Here are some examples of services I can provide.

Mobility Strategy


Are you in the early stages of planning for mobile device management in your organisation? Unsure of what to support? How to start?

We'll look at your objectives and goals. Document your why, and ensure we build a strategy that balances investment with guaranteed productivity, security, and user acceptance.

Device selection & solution validation


I've collaborated with all major Android OEMs and leading EMM vendors in the last several years. Do you want to cut through the marketing and focus on hardware, form factors, and solutions tailored to your use case? I challenge you to find someone who's gone hands-on with more product. With a focus on overall TCO rather than short-term quick wins, we'll ensure your organisation is running the best possible hardware for the best return on investment over the period you define.

End to end deployment & support


The hard work's done; you know what you want to support and how you're going to do it. The devices are ordered and the licences purchased. Now you've just got to build your policies, configurations, define you application requirements, integrate with your in-house infrastructure and actually enrol the hardware.

I can help you define your policy requirements, set your security baselines, integrate your chosen vendor into your existing infrastructure, develop documentation and guides, train up internal support staff and power users, and more. Zero-touch? Obviously. eFOTA? Of course. Once we're finished your deployment will be humming away like well-oiled machine.

What about our iOS, MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, and Linux devices?


I specialise in the enablement of modern Android management, but I've commercially supported most operating systems on the market. Rest assured no matter what OS you support, if it can be managed, I know how to do so.

Other activities


Some more examples of dedicated engagements undertaken include:

  • EMM migration
  • EMM health check
  • Mobility strategy planning/review
  • EMM & device selection
  • EMM deployment, end to end
  • Google Workspace deployment
  • Android Enterprise hardware validation
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We're a partner or vendor making devices or building solutions


I've been on the vendor side of the ecosystem for the best part of half a decade with a heavy focus on product and support. If you're an organisation building Android devices or services for customers, or reselling products and services, I can help!

Product validation


Bringing new Android hardware to market? Looking to validate it for enterprise? GMS Play Protect certification will do so much, Android Enterprise Recommended a little more, but if you want true product validation across a range of EMM vendors, talk to me. No other validation in the ecosystem tests Android Enterprise compatibility like I do, with a minimum of a 270-point base report and detailed analysis of required improvements.

If you're an EMM or related solution provider (MTD, insights, etc) looking for help and advice on implementation, feature support, roadmapping & more, I can help there too. I built an EMM used by some of the largest companies in healthcare and food delivery all over the world; I can talk on anything from architecture to roadmap priorities, knowledge base to user experience design and everything in between. I've kicked the tyres and contributed to the development of some of the largest platforms on the market.

Certification and product development


Building an Android device? I've been there, and I know GMS inside-out. From dedicated, completely bespoke devices for specific use cases, to ensuring consumer devices fare well for enterprise, I can assist in every phase of product development and ensure your Android builds are ready for Google certification. If the terms MADA, EDLA, GMS, CTS, Backporting, GRF, and LR/MR/SMR sound familiar to you, I've done it all.

If you're a software vendor building out a management platform, be that with the Android Management API, Custom DPC, device financing, OEM integration, or various other enterprise use cases, I've built products from bare metal with teams small and large. Get in touch if you'd like to pitch your solution or idea and how I can help.

Other activities


Some more examples of dedicated engagements undertaken include:

  • Product consultation on Android Enterprise support for new or existing solutions
  • EMM integration & support
  • GMS consulting for uncertified (AOSP) devices
  • Android Enterprise hardware validation
  • Lifecycle & software support strategy
  • Product review

Get started


I make available several days a month for dedicated engagements at the moment, for when the help required goes beyond what can reasonably be achieved through the content and resources provided on this website.

Book a call with me

Please prepare a detailed Scope and/or Statement of Work (SoW) defining your objectives, team involved, main PoC's, as well as a budget and time window for the engagement to review, as this will allow efficient use of time on our call.

Fee options:

  • 1/2 day (up to 4h)
  • Full day (up to 8h)
  • Fixed per project

NB: Hours may be consumed ad-hoc, across multiple days as required. 1/2 days start at £600, negotiable up or down. If you have budget constraints, contact me to discuss.

Not ready to start?


No worries, feel free to continue to make use of my community support channels:



Take a look at /android, and if you don't see what you're looking for, try /search. There's a high likelihood your question may have been covered either directly, or indirectly, through existing docs.

If you still don't find what you're looking for, you can submit a request for content and I'll get to it as soon as I'm able.

Benefit: 24/7 access, many subjects and FAQs already covered, and if there's something missing it can be requested!



Post your request to the:

Benefit: As a community resource, your request may be picked up by other members of the community well-versed in the topic at hand. Once a resolution is achieved, the issue and resolution are public domain for others to benefit in kind.



Use my contact details to send me your request and I will respond when able. Please ensure your request is fully-formed, including the issue, any error messages or related information, full device details, EMM details, etc, and if you have media to support the issue (pictures, videos, ...), this will be of great help also.

Benefit: Private & sensitive topics may be covered. Bug reports and other PII can be shared without making this data publicly available.

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