What I'm focusing on now

Last update: July 2024.



An application designed for organisations struggling to provide measured access to device settings in kiosk and locked-down environments, MANAGED SETTINGS is a passion-project I've had in the back of my mind for a few years. More recently I've been able to partner up with a few smart people willing to loan me their time, and projects are beginning to take shape.

Take a look at MANAGED SETTINGS here.

Independent consulting


I've spent almost a decade helping organisations with Android Enterprise and enterprise mobility, and have enjoyed every moment of it. From the questions I get emailed to topics on the AE help community, from LinkedIn messages to DMs, to random [insert messenger of choice here] pings, I rarely see a week without something pop through.

The help I can offer is generally what you might consider superficial though. I rarely know much about the organisation/person behind the question, and I only know of the issue presented the information I'm given. I take what I'm asked, request more information as needed, and suggest a path towards a solution or objective. Sometimes it's simple and often resolved quite quickly, sometimes the help needed goes deeper than I can offer on the end of a message thread or DM, so I can't always assist as well as I'd like to.

I've had opportunities pop up recently to do some consulting work for folks in the ecosystem, and it's motivated me to more officially offer my time for dedicated engagements. I knocked up a support page to centralise types of support I can offer, and having taken more active control of my free time this year, have more time to allocate to consulting.

Just recently I've -

  • Assisted with a migration between EMMs
  • Performed an EMM healthcheck
  • Written content for other outlets
  • Assisted with RFQs

If you're interested in the same, my rates align with SME/MSPs and I'm available several hours a month at the moment.

Getting fit


Between '21 and '22 I'd lost 15KG and felt pretty fantastic. All things considered.

The chemo, steroids, and immobility had me put most of that back on, but now I'm back on another kick to get down to a target weight of <100KG in my current form, after which I'll look to put some of that back on in muscle.

It's a regime of 5k running, 20k cycling per week at the moment, and hiding the Doritos of course :). It worked last time, and so far I've dropped 2.5KG this time.

Wish me luck!

Inspired by Derek Sivers.

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