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If you manage Android devices in the enterprise, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find a selection of documents covering all aspects of Android and Android Enterprise.

Whether you’re just discovering Android Enterprise or are looking to boost existing knowledge, the below should be helpful across the board. Looking for something specific that hasn’t been documented? Submit your question in my new form!

Device administrator deprecation


Device admin deprecation is now official with Android 10! Unsure what this means? Take a look at this infographic, this article and this article. All EMMs must now be targeting API 29, which means all deprecated DA APIs for Android 10 devices are enforced.

Getting started


Just getting familiar with Android or Android Enterprise? Start here. The following documents offer an introduction to Android Enterprise and the various moving parts in order to offer a broad overview of the ecosystem.

Blog articles


For topical content around news and events.

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