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Android version evolution graphics

I’ve created two Android evolution graphics: one that simply includes all Android versions, the second that incorporates Android Enterprise.

NB: From Android 10 there’s only one evolution graphic, which incorporates Android Enterprise. It’s super easy to remove AE references from the PPTx if desired, or grab an older version of the Android-only PPTx.

The reasoning for this is twofold:

  1. All examples I was able to find online were out of date.
  2. None incorporate Android Enterprise, which I believe is useful when presenting Android version history in an enterprise context.

Please feel free to use them, modify them and re-distribute them. I only request you provide credit, and share your own PPTx for others to benefit in kind! If your documentation is public, I’d love to see what you’ve created! Tweet me @jasonbayton with the link.

Future updates to this document will located on this page, feel free to come on back after the next version of Android launches!

Click the image to view the PDF.

Android PPTx link: Android_Evolution.pptx
Android Enterprise PPTx link: Android_Evolution_AE.pptx

Pie: Android PPTx link: Android_Evolution_2018.pptx
Android Enterprise PPTx link: Android_Evolution_AE-2018.pptx

Android 10:
Android Enterprise PPTx link: AndroidEvolutionv4.pptx

Android 11:
Android Enterprise PPTx link: AndroidEvolutionv5.pptx