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I’ve dedicated over a decade to Android, more than half of those years catered towards Android’s use in enterprise. It has more than paid off as today I’m considered to be a leading voice in Android Enterprise across the globe, and have received multiple accolades including for contributions to the Android Enterprise community, Platinum Google Product Expert status in the Android Enterprise Help Community, vExpert status from VMware for Android contributions, and more.

Android has been a passion of mine from my very beginnings in mobile technology; from picking up the original G1 and the years of modding and ROM customisations across countless devices, to today building, deploying, and supporting hundreds of thousands of managed Android devices around the globe as an ecosystem Product Leader and Certified Android Enterprise Expert. Everything I learn I write about here, and I hope my resources help you and your organisation to better understand and support Android in the enterprise, also.

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And when I'm not writing documentation, I write about the goings-on in Android and other topics.

Android Enterprise: A refresher

It's a new year, and a new opportunity to reintroduce Android Enterprise to the market. This is an Android Enterprise refresher for 2023.

What I'd like to see from Android Enterprise in 2023

Android's enterprise feature set was pretty light in 2022, which obviously means 2023 is going to be a good one. Here are some of the features I'd like to see across the AE ecosystem next year.

Thoughts on Android 12's password complexity changes

Google's long-anticipated changes to device password complexity requirements for BYOD devices are here, and they're frustrating.

Google Play target API requirements & impact on enterprise applications

Google is taking a harder stance on "older" applications from 2022. For organisations with enterprise applications this is what you need to know.

Sunsetting Discuss comment platform

With the new website and lack of use, the Discuss comments platform is being shut down.

Google publishes differences between Android and Android Go

Google have recently (finally!) published details of the differences between Android and Android Go. This transparency will further help organisations determine if Go is suitable for their needs.

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