FAQ (#faq)

What is a work challenge?

Can I change the account I used to bind Android Enterprise?

Is it possible to bind Android Enterprise with multiple EMMs using one account?

What is the Android Enterprise bind?

How do I remove the Android Enterprise bind from my current EMM?

How to configure Chrome managed bookmarks

Why has USB data access been disabled suddenly?

Is Android Enterprise supported on uncertified (non-GMS) devices?

To use Android Enterprise do I need to buy Google Workspace (G Suite) and register my domain?

Enrolment failed but the work profile was created. How do I remove it?

Can a MADA device be converted to EDLA?

What’s the best provisioning method?

What is Android Enterprise Recommended?

Can organisations see applications outside of the work profile on a COPE device?

How to check if an Android device is GMS/Play Protect certified?

How should system applications be handled on a COPE device?

Is it possible to migrate from fully managed to work profiles on fully managed devices?

Does Intune support COPE?

Can organisations deploy applications to the parent profile in a COPE deployment?

How has COPE changed in Android 11?

How do I configure Google Workspace domains for provisioning?

Is Android One better than AER? (Or the other way around?)

What’s the difference between allow adding accounts vs allow configure credentials?

My AER device doesn’t work properly with Android Enterprise, what should I do?

How do I configure allowlist/blocklist domains for Google Chrome?

Can organisations see applications outside of the work profile?

What happens if a device is uploaded to zero-touch with the wrong manufacturer?

Why does zero-touch require so much touching?

Does enrolling via zero-touch slow down or cause any delay to the setup process while it’s retrieving the zero-touch config?

The device registered with zero-touch, but doesn’t launch during setup, why?

What deployment scenario will a zero-touch device enrol under?

Can anyone remove a device from the zero-touch console?

Can anyone add a device to the zero-touch console?

Where are zero-touch resellers located?

What should I put in DPC extras?

What OEMs currently support zero-touch?

What happens if a device is unregistered from the zero-touch console?

What happens if a fully set up device is added to the zero-touch console?

What devices should I buy for my organisation?

What are DPC extras?

What happens if a user starts setting up a device before the zero-touch config is applied?

Is it possible to set a zero-touch default configuration?

Does Samsung support zero-touch?

Is it possible to “retire” (or enterprise wipe) a fully managed device?

What happens if a zero-touch assigned device is reset?

What happens if a zero-touch config is removed from an enrolled device?

How can I provision a fully managed device?

Can a device be OTA managed from the zero-touch console?

Is it possible to utilise multiple VPN connections within a profile?

Is it possible to migrate fully managed devices between EMM solutions?

Is it possible to migrate from DA to AE work profile without a re-enrol?

What’s the recommended way of managing in-house (private) applications?

The Google Play iFrame is missing a feature in my UEM. How do I enable it?

Is it possible to deploy app shortcuts to the homescreen of an Android Enterprise device?

Is Factory Reset Protection enabled on fully managed devices?

Devices factory reset as soon as they’re enrolled, why?

Are employee-owned devices eligible for zero-touch?

Is an EMM still required with zero-touch?

Does zero-touch cost anything?

Does Samsung support Android Enterprise?

Does Android support Kerberos natively?

What’s the difference between device based accounts and user based accounts?

Can organisations deploy applications to the parent profile in a work profile deployment?

What’s the difference between Device Admin and Android Enterprise?

What happens if a new config for a different EMM or server is applied to an enrolled device?

Is it possible to change zero-touch resellers?

Is it possible to bulk update zero-touch devices?

Are all zero-touch devices Android Enterprise Recommended?

Does Android Go support zero-touch?

How do I manage the new notifications runtime permission in Android 13?

If Android Enterprise is supported from Lollipop, why is Marshmallow often mentioned instead?

What versions of Android support Android Enterprise?

Is it possible for an organisation to add previously-purchased devices to zero-touch?

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