I was setting up a OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G this morning (rolls off the tongue, that!) running Android (OxygenOS 14) with a May 5 SPL for testing, and found myself in a loop getting provisioning into AMAPI to complete with a password policy set.

The phone, when choosing to skip biometrics and just use a password, will fall back to the AMAPI ADP prompt asking for a password to be set up. No matter how many times it was tried, it'd fall back to ADP.

So I figured I'll just set fingerprint up to get through enrolment, only to be first prompted for a password and then offered a button to skip biometrics (setup later). With a tap then enrolment completed without biometrics. Great.


I do wish OEMs would test their implementations of Android with enterprise flows, or stop making changes to things AOSP does perfectly fine.

In any case, if you're (or your end users report) seeing a similar issue with Oxygen OS, there's the workaround. If you're reading this on LinkedIn, there's a GIF in the link (via) showing the loop.