Advisories (#advisories)

Zero-touch API error 403 caused by new TOS

Zero-touch customers will need to accept new terms of service to continue using the API.

Google Play System updates (mainline) are no longer managed by System Update policies

Docs updated in the early April reflect a recent change in management strategy for GPSU

Android will not permit install of very old apps from 14

You'll now see security exceptions for new installations of non-compliant apps.

CVE-2024-0519, Chrome for Android

Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2024-0519 exists in the wild.

Samsung zero-touch enrolment resolution

A temporary fix has been applied via Google. A permanent fix will be pushed OTA later.

Deprecation of the old managed Google Play iFrame app approval flow

The way applications are approved is changing.

Major Android 14 bug permanently applies management restrictions

The bug leads to irreversible application of restrictions, a full device wipe is the only option for resolution if policies later need to be changed.
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