WWDC kicked off yesterday and saw some interesting developments.

I'm looking forward to the updates to MacOS, and fair play to iOS with the contact cards and airdrop improvements, amongst other things. Google could definitely find a bit of inspiration in how effortlessly Apple's ecosystem is #bettertogether 😉

It's the management updates that have piqued my interest though:

🔗 https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/deployment/dep950aed53e/web

In particular the updates to Watch management, which though still required tethering to an iOS device, are starting to do what Wear should have a few years ago.

I have an AE feature request list for Wear, in fact, here:

🔗 https://bayton.org/android/android-enterprise-feature-requests/#wear

Oh and Vision Pro is interesting, I can imagine the benefits it'll bring to my woeful posture. The form factor is a little too.. encompassing though. Give me smart glasses and I'll be happy.