We've had a Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook for a little over a year I believe, primarily to support Kiddo with homework and whatnot. Because ChromeOS does Android app support pretty well it's a nice hybrid of Android tablet (wherein we lean on several apps for education) and the full device experience you only get with a "desktop operating system". Managing it is an utter nuisance since ChromeOS isn't nearly as friendly as Android for management (IMO), but for our particular use case, network-limiting it through my Ubiquiti console does the job.

Well after a valiant and unrelenting effort, it succumbed to the trials and tribulations of being used by an 8-year-old boy and the display ceased to function.

I did some calling around, but getting it repaired wasn't as quick and easy as I'd hoped. The Lenovo website was naff for trying to arrange a repair, sending me to partners instead with little success. Currys initially promised the world over the phone, but unsurprisingly fell short when I turned up with the device due to confusion over whether it was a PC or a Tablet.. and some local shops turned me away also.

Since we got it through Amazon, I reached out and requested a repair. They approved it after a quick chat and I sent it via DHL the next day.

TWO days later the device turned back up at the house working perfectly.

Honestly I would not have even considered Amazon as a route to repair before this experience, and not only was it done quickly with very little effort on my part, they assigned a human to oversee the repair process and keep me updated throughout. Credit where it's due!

So I suppose this is a PSA that Amazon do repairs (for things you order from them, obviously), and my sole experience with them was excellent. Just in case someone happens to need to get something fixed now or in future also :)