The mambo EMM team got a cheeky little shoutout on the Android Enterprise blog today!

(Along with the OEMConfig-enabled tablets I developed and deployed to market as CPO, also 😁)


The DD deployment is not insignificant in size (or demand!), and has helped us stress-test our solution considerably over time. Everything we support across the platform has been met with both very simple, but also rather complex scaling challenges. From things like how we optimise heartbeat & checkin for hundreds of thousands of devices at a time to supporting multiple concurrent remote control sessions to a location (and needing to optimise traffic accordingly to facilitate the environment).

And obviously the bigger the platform gets, the more impactful the smallest of changes become. It's a lot of fun.

The food on demand industry poses some interesting, if not entirely unique, challenges in how devices are used, secured, deployed, and supported. Being dedicated, single-use devices almost entirely remote to the DD Team, having the ability to remotely monitor, control, and if necessary quickly break devices out of their Kiosk experience on-demand is a must, and we've worked closely with them over the last few months to really beef up our Remote Control tool to facilitate smooth support experiences on the best and worst of networks.

Of course, some of the best benefits come simply from leaning on Android Enterprise, with zero-touch deployment handling provisioning and enrolment in-store, consistent management experiences across all OEMs they leverage, and OEMConfig for additional bespoke functionality on devices to name but a few.

AE deployments at this scale are exciting 🤩

Well done team! cc: Arran, Gabriela, Snehanshu, Kadir, Neha

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