It's nice to see incremental progress, but this still doesn't go far enough.

The whole premise of requesting flexible working being able to be shot down by an employer with hollow or arbitrary justification appears like it still stands, and will continue to happen to folks today as it did to me back in ~2015 when my commute was 3 hours to the office.

Of course there's been a mindset shift since COVID and some prior objectors have seen the benefits for themselves, so it'll hopefully never go back to what it was..

But still today the mentality of a worker not being productive unless someone can see them sat in an office chair remains. The lack of trust for the adult hired to do a job remains inexplicably high, and helicopter managers feel lost if they're not hovering close by.

All said, govt could have done absolutely nothing, so credit where it's due.


#remotework #workfromhome #hybridwork