Mini OS 9, based on Android, and running on a circular display is absolutely 😍

Launching on their next gen vehicles, they've done a hell of a job on so many aspects of the UX/UI, coming from someone who likes their Android mostly unskinned!

It's not entirely clear if it's Android Automotive or "just" Android AOSP from the press it's generated so far; as it's the primary vehicle display it could be either.. but I'd lean towards AAOS based on what I've seen of BMW's strategy elsewhere. (BMW Group, MINI UK?)

Given the lack of Google apps in the promo and highlight on BM's in-house work, looks unlikely to be a Google certified OS when it comes out either way.

I don't know how practical it'd actually be, but I'd absolutely throw money at a round tablet based on what I see here.. if OEMs fancied branching out from the standard rectangles 😄

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