For a couple of years I've been thinking about adding audio to my articles; some of them can be rather long and adding the option to listen to content rather than read it seems appealling.

Maybe not, I'm not committed one way or another.

Either way, I update content often to align with the latest and greatest to ensure information stays relevant - which is a quarterly job at minimum normally - meaning if I recorded my articles, I'd have to re-record them frequently.

I could swap in a TTS generator and let it do the work, but those voices - like the reddit voiceover voices you see on social media and the like - are less than desirable. Annoying, even.

Just today I stumbled upon this (beta) service below, recorded a few clips of myself speaking, and provided a snippet of one of my recent docs. The idea being an AI cloned version of my voice may bridge the gap, and allow some automation around regenerating clips on the fly when I build the site.

Here's the result, including some AI generated contextual video clips it decided to add to the content also, which has had me cackling.

I, err, might wait a bit before exploring this option any further 😅