Hello, Chromebook Plus 🤩

Announcement: 🔗 https://blog.google/products/chromebooks/chromebook-plus/
More info: 🔗https://www.google.com/chromebook/discover/chromebookplus/
In education? Check out the dedicated EDU blog here: 🔗 https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/education/chromebook-plus-education/

"All Chromebook Plus laptops offer faster processors1 and double the memory and storage1, giving you the power to get more done, easily. All Chromebook Plus laptops also come with a Full HD IPS display — which means you get a full 1080p HD experience when watching streaming content, and crisp, clear viewing for reading, creating content or editing photos and videos. Finally, there’s a 1080p+ webcam with temporal noise reduction for smoother, more lifelike video calls."

Obviously higher-end ChromeOS devices are nothing new, so Plus features will be extended to several existing devices also:
🔗 https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/14128000?visit_id=638319303122892544-4063569079&rd=1

Unfortunately the Chromebooks I have don't make the cut for Plus, including the IdeaPad 5 Duet kiddo uses for school, but I know what I'll be shopping for when it comes time to replace them!

Coupled with the recent announcement of 10 years of support, ChromeOS is becoming ever-more compelling as a platform for all walks of life.

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