Head's up for customers running Android versions 11 and below, there's a bug in Google Play affecting fully managed devices.

The full breakdown of the issue is here: 🔗 https://www.androidenterprise.community/t5/service-announcements/mitigated-amp-researching-some-fully-managed-devices-unable-to/ta-p/1047

Google have a mitigation in place, but for devices impacted already, there's further work to be done to rectify this.

It doesn't appear to be anything too major at the moment, a version of the Play Store has been pushed with a signature mismatch to what is expected, preventing newer versions of the app from updating (package signatures must match at install time for an app to be able to update). Longer term this can pose a problem, however currently since Play is still able to perform all normal functions, you may not even notice the issue.

Keep tabs on the linked page above for continued updates, hopefully it's resolved soon 🙂


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