This is hands-down one of the clearest, cleanest technical product posts I've read in ages, and it just so happens to be announcing the beta of AMAPI management on VMware WS1 UEM 🎉


Like many other Custom DPC-backed EMMs running on the Play EMM API (which has rejected new applicants for some time now, directing prospective vendors to AMAPI instead), the big switch is looming as Google pushes to deprecate the Custom DPC experience and go all-in on AMAPI, with Google's native-feeling, integrated Android Device Policy baked in to many modern Android devices today.

It's a big step, AMAPI still has a lot of catching up to do in offering feature parity for vendors, but the sooner big names transition, the sooner pressure increases to fill the gaps, so it's exciting to see.

I'm going to get hands-on with this beta tomorrow and see what it's all about 😁

Again, kudos to Manuel for a great read!