It's my birthday today 🎉

After an eventful day and far too much good food, I put a little polish on a tool I've been working on over the Christmas holiday, and you lovely lot get an early view of what I plan to continue tweaking over the coming weeks.

It's a super-simple AMAPI QR code generator!


Handy for EMMs that don't offer too much customisation (ie, adding Wi-Fi, setting locale, etc) with their generated QRs, you can opt instead to take the enrolment token generated by the EMM, paste it here, and add any additional customisation as desired.

When ready, hit the button and it'll generate a shiny new QR (full JSON code output to come soon).

Give it a whirl and let me know how it runs for you.

And also to note, issues and PRs can be raised over on GitHub if you've feedback or suggestions - 😁

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