I've been taking a gander at the traffic to my website, and would you believe this Android 14 security requirement is one of the most visited pages since the new year?

As more devices get their Android 14 update, I'm sure the rate at which this error is popping up in logs is only increasing.

Apps need to be updated, folks. Google are making it harder and harder to rely on applications that target Android versions almost a decade old, and I can completely understand why.

🔗 Android 14 blocks apps targeting old Android versions: https://bayton.org/android/android-14-minimum-sdk/

I also understand why this situation occurs, particularly in enterprise; if this error is currently looking all too familiar within your organisation and you're struggling to bring your applications up to date, please get in touch. I can put you in contact with an excellent and affordable Android developer well-versed in the Android Enterprise ecosystem who may be able to help modernise your internal application library.

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