Did you know you can check in on the Android ecosystem 🛡️ security transparency report whenever you want?

It's not updated all that frequently, but it does show trends from all the way back to 2019.

📊 Some interesting stats:

The percentage of all devices with a 👾 PHA as of Sep 2023: 0.153%, an increase of 0.08%, or double that of September 2022. The largest increase in one year since records began 📈. This corresponds with a similar increase in PHAs making it into the Play Store.

Enterprise devices by comparison came ⬇️ down from 0.005% to 0.003% over the same period 😎

I'm sure that 0.003% of organisations permitting sideloading, developer options access, or full access to Play (where the occasional PHA does unfortunately slip through) are well excited to become a statistic 😁

The percentage of devices with a declared security patch level no older than 90 days peaked in early 2023 with 93.5% of all devices launched within the last 24 months. This declined to 92.1% as of Sep 2023, suggesting a swathe of devices either running foul of their GMS obligations, or reflects the drop in effort in year two once the 90-day mandate lifts.

Maskware 🎭 leads as the most installed type of PHA in Sep 2023

(What is maskware? 🔗 https://developers.google.com/android/play-protect/phacategories#maskware)

Hopefully this is updated soon enough with new data, but it's interesting to see nonetheless!

Check it out, and get a copy of the data yourself, here:

🔗 https://transparencyreport.google.com/android-security/overview

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