Are you interested in the inner-workings of AMAPI? Fancy taking a look at the API and how EMMs create, delete, update devices, policies, and enterprises?

Perhaps you may be considering adding Android management to your existing project but haven't kicked the tyres just yet?

Take a look at the Android Management API Quickstart:


Quickstart takes you through a guided setup of AMAPI from enterprise creation to enrolment and provides helpful commentary as you go.

While its intention is to help prospective developers get quickly acquainted with the basics handling AMAPI, it's a great tool for getting yourself established with the various policies and APIs in a controlled environment without the extra fat of an EMM running atop.

I can't code my way out of a paper bag, but I've used it infrequently for testing new AMAPI APIs ahead of wider EMM adoption for my docs and resources. Hopefully you can, too.

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