It's been quite some time since I last mentioned our Mobile Pros Slack group, now filled with over 1600 members working in the enterprise mobility ecosystem 🎉

It's gone a little quiet over the holidays, so here's a friendly 👋 to invite anyone and everyone working with MDM, EMM, UEM, MWM, or any other acronym you choose to use, to drop in and say hello. There are few groups with as many folks in our ecosystem today 😎, and it's one of the only groups I'm online in 24/7

Invite in the link!:


As an aside, if you're an organisation that would consider contributing financially to the group, I'd love to bump us up to Slack Pro and open up the archives of years of valuable contributions members new and old can benefit from. Get in touch if you're interested :)

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#androidenterprise #mobilepros