Way back in 2018 I was gifted a drone through work. a decent one at the time for someone who'd never touched a drone before, and I was excited to use it!

Except I never did. I charged everything up ready to go and popped it in the cupboard for a sunny day, and subsequently forgot about it until my spring clean this weekend.

Luckily one(!) of the batteries worked and after a quick registration with the CAA, kiddo and I had an absolute blast with it all weekend.

So much so in fact I got an itch and picked up a Mini 3 Pro today to compare the tech, and honestly I'm blown away.

This picture it captured of my neighbourhood is đŸ”„

Aerial view

To pivot back to my regularly scheduled programming, the remote controller I got with it runs Android, AOSP naturally for the use case here. It wasn't clear until a familiar chime played on boot and I'm going to dig into what and how it's running once the "new shiny" feeling wears off a bit.

I look forward to going places and capturing some of the imagery I've only seen on TV for myself 😎

#android #drone

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