I spy with my little eye, some new functionality in AMAPI 👀

The public developer docs were updated a few days ago, alas without the corresponding release notes as yet.

In any case, we have support now for DPC Migration! That incredible feature that Google introduced in 2018 for the seamless, wipe-free migration of devices from one EMM vendor to another.

..or so I thought, alas this appears to be a substantially watered-down implementation just for the migration of devices within a specific EMM vendor between the outgoing Play EMM API and the newer AMAPI.

More: 🔗 https://bayton.org/blog/2024/01/amapi-migrations/

At least it takes advantage of the extensibility SDK Google promised we'd see more functionality from at last year's summit! I'd hoped in the last year that might have been any number of the feature gaps AMAPI still hasn't plugged (ephermeral users? manual system update management? lower-level access to the device comparative to DPCs? remote debugging?) but it sets the groundwork for supporting DPC migration as it was to be 6 years ago, so here's hoping this evolves quickly.

Have a good weekend!

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