Android 15 DP2 is officially out, and so far it's a mixed bag.

The bug when pre-setting a Wi-Fi network within the provisioning payload that caused provisioning into management to fail appears to be resolved ✨

But.. it appears there's a bug with Google Play Services preventing the enrolment flow from provisioning a managed Google Play account during enrolment, seen by a crash of GPS as soon as the device lands on its home screen 😬

But hey, bugs aside it looks like Google finally pushed updates to docs (since I last checked)!

What's new (so far) in Android 15!?

- Content protection policy

This appears to offer control for the scanning of harmful applications on a device, perhaps allowing admins to explicitly prevent line of biz APKs sideloaded from being flagged up on end user devices as potentially harmful, unrecognised, or any other state that'd trigger a complaint to the admin helpdesk.

- Disallow NFC radio

As it says on the tin. If you're thinking "Don't we already have an API for NFC?" Yes we do, but that's to control the beam of data between devices. This is a full on radio disable and will probably live under DeviceRadioState in AMAPI at some point later.

- Disallow Thread Network

I'm assuming this is related to comms with thread devices (, no additional context has been provided but you can assume what's coming.

- Disallow SIM Globally

This sounds like it's ticking off a long-desired feature request to fully disable all cellular on a device, but again missing any additional context I don't want to jump to conclusions.

These aside, I've noticed a few things removed from the DPM page which I'm not sure are intentional, like enrollmentSpecificID. There are a few bad links there at the moment.

Good stuff 😎