In a post-Snowden world, the recent Wikileaks dump exposing myriads of vulnerabilities and the tools the CIA use to exploit them across iOS, Android, Windows and the wider connected ecosystem shouldn’t be all that surprising. This is, after all, what these secretive government agencies do in order to do their jobs effectively. A look at my last This is why we need MDM article shows this mentality is widespread throughout various agencies. Some may be focusing on the ethics of their behaviour here, but there’s a more concerning issue at hand; in making this information available to the public, Wikileaks … read more.

With minutes before 2016 officially comes to an end, I’d like to continue my yearly tradition of listing my top Android apps over this and previous years. This year my aim is to offer a fresh list of applications not previously featured, mostly as I’m still very much using those highlighted in 2015! Without further ado and in no particular order.. HoloIRC I recent addition towards the end of this year. As I’ve become more heavily interested in open source software and with the myriad of projects that I have to started to rely upon, a common theme is the … read more.

It’s no secret I’ve never truly seen the attraction to a PC that is essentially just a web browser; my last Chromebook was used once in a blue moon to browse the web and little more before being sold. On the announcement Android apps were officially coming to ChromeOS I knew my perception would change and I was absolutely right. Now the Android update has been running on my Chromebook for a little while, I’ve spent some time going through my list of frequently used apps to determine how I can improve my Chromebook experience. Here’s a list of the first notable … read more.

If you’ve been online in the last few weeks you may have caught wind of a high profile battle of will between Apple and the FBI. To summarise: The FBI want to gain access to an iPhone recovered from the San Bernardino massacre last year, but due to the security policies in place by Apple it is not currently possible. Should they try to brute force it, it’ll wipe itself after 10 failed attempts. To work around this the FBI want Apple to create a version of iOS that will remove this policy, essentially allowing the FBI to try all 10,000 possible … read more.

This week I ordered a Lenovo Yoga 300 to replace an ageing and underpowered HP Stream 14. The model I chose was the 11.6″ (11IBY) Intel Celeron N2840 with 4GB RAM and a 500GB HDD, a step up from the HP’s AMD A4 with 2GB RAM and a 32GB storage chip (well.. perhaps not in the CPU, but more on that later). I wanted a small, light convertible with a touch screen and the Yoga seemed to tick those boxes. At least until I got it. Size For a laptop that houses a 11.6″ screen it is large.  Pictured above … read more.

More and more businesses are taking the plunge into the world of enterprise mobility. Admittedly some businesses are only interested in giving iPhones to senior management, but for many it is so much more than that; they want a mobile-first, anywhere, anytime fleet employees who’ll enjoy working out of the office as much as they do in the office. They have goals and strategies. They’ve run trials and discovered best practices. Their policies and procedures are finalised and signed off. They’re ready to reap the benefits of a mobilised workforce. For those businesses and more importantly, their mobilised workforce, providing … read more.

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