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Projects (#projects)

MobileIron unofficially supports QR provisioning for Android Enterprise work-managed devices, this is how I found it

Experimenting with clustering and data replication in Nextcloud with MariaDB Galera and SyncThing

Introducing documentation on bayton.org

Introducing Nextcloud demo servers

Part 4 - Project Obsidian: Obsidian is dead, long live Obsidian

Part 3 – Project Obsidian: A change, data migration day 1 and build day 2

Part 2 - Project Obsidian: Build day 1

Part 1 - Project Obsidian: Objectives & parts list

Part 0 - Project Obsidian: Low power NAS & container server

The "Wn-R48" (Windows on the Cr-48)

Pushing Buzz to Twitter with dlvr.it

When Awe met Some. The Cr-48 and Gnome3.

Living with Google's Cr-48 and the cloud.

Root a G1 running Android 1.6 without recovery!

Aspire One touch screen

Skype servers, the permanent free communicator

Devcon Uses in the Workplace

Incorporating WLM into a corporate environment

Upgrading Head Office Computers