Reviews (#reviews)

Why I moved from Google WiFi to Netgear Orbi

Hands on with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Hands on with the BQ Aquaris X2 Pro

Hands on with the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

Hands on with the Nokia 3

Goodbye Alexa, Hey Google: Hands on with the Google Home

Long-term update: the fitlet-RM, a fanless industrial mini PC by Compulab

First look: the FreedomPop V7

Hands on with the Galaxy TabPro S

Hands on with the Linx 12V64

Wandera review 2016: 2 years on

Hands on with the Nextcloud Box

Hands on: fitlet-RM, a fanless industrial mini PC by Compulab

First look: Android apps on ChromeOS

ElasticHosts review

ElasticHosts: Cloud Storage vs Folders, what's the difference?

Android N: First look & hands-on - Container hosting at container prices

Miradore Online MDM: Expanding management with subscriptions

Hands on with the BlackBerry Passport

Thoughts on the Surface Pro 3

Miradore Online MDM review: A second look

A fortnight with Android Wear: LG G Watch review

First look: Miradore Online free MDM

Hands on: A weekend with Google Glass

A month with Wandera Mobile Gateway

Final thoughts: Dell Venue Pro 11 (Atom)

First impressions: Dell Venue Pro 11 (Atom)

Hands on: The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 & 10

My Top Android Apps 12/13

Well done, HTC.

Hands on with the BlackBerry Z10

Hands on with Ubuntu Phone

My Top Android Apps 12/12

The Nexus 7 saga: Resolved

The Nexus 7 saga continues

From Wows to Woes: Why I won't be recommending a Nexus7 any time soon.

Nexus7: What you need to know

Why I disabled links on Facebook

Dell Streak review. The Phone/Tablet Hybrid

BlueInput: The Bluetooth HID driver Google forgot to include

Managing your social outreach with

Living with Google's Cr-48 and the cloud.

Google added the Apps flexibility we've been waiting for!

Turn your desktop 3D!

Swype not compatible? ShapeWriter!

Don't wait, get Swype now!

HideIP VPN. Finally!

Edit a PDF with Zamzar

Google Wave: Revolutionising blogs!

Hexxeh's Google Chrome OS builds

Alternatives to Internet Explorer

Skype for WM alternatives

Browsing on a (data) budget? Opera!

What's all the Buzz?

Free Skype with 3? There's a catch..

TeamViewer Quick Support

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