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HideIP VPN. Finally!

We face annoyances on the internet daily, whether they are select people on a forum, a company forcing a subscription on you (hello, PlayOn),etc. We shouldn’t have to pay a yearly subscription. No one pays Microsoft every year for using the same OS), or my personal favourite of late – being blocked by certain streaming sites as I’m outside of the US.


Today I found the answer to that problem. HideIP VPN. They offer both free* and low cost paid services for anyone who wants to;

  • Browse anonymously
  • View videostreams which are outside of your country
  • Fool support sites into thinking you’re in the same country as them!

Their setup was a piece of cake, no sooner had I got in touch with them I received a mail back with my logon details and a link for how to get everything setup. I followed their instructions and was browsing HULU in under 10 minutes!

For those of you outside of the UK, they also offer a UK connection which enables you to play the BBC iPlayer and other normally inaccessible services.

Their customer service is excellent as well, I sent them a few questions about their services and they were more than happy to reply in a friendly and courteous manner.

It definitely shows that the odd Google Search pays off, as I was getting sick of using proxies and completely underestimated how much time I could save by using a VPN solution.

I’d just like to add that this is a reputable service, no shady activities will be allowed, and using it to download torrents is strictly forbidden, they don’t want to be caught any more than you do for downloading copyrighted content!

*free accounts are given out once a week, once they’re gone you’ll have to wait until next week to try again. And you have to be quick!

Why not give them a go? I fully recommend it!
Check out www.hideipvpn.com or contact support@hideipvpn.com for more information.

If you are interested in the premium account, please sign up here: