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The Bayton 2019 Android Enterprise experience survey

I’ve worked with Android in an enterprise context for more than 5 years (10 outside of enterprise!), and have watched it grow from something minute to literally the biggest mobile OS in the world.

In the last three or so years I’ve been focusing my attention directly on Android Enterprise, have written about it extensively since publishing What is Android Enterprise in 2017 and have helped hundreds of organisations embrace modern Android management across the world. It’s been quite the journey!

I have my own experiences with Android, but as we look forward to Android Q, the deprecation of Device Administrator APIs and a future of Android Enterprise as the default and only means for managing Android devices in the enterprise, I’m super interested in knowing how the experiences of the wider community compare to my own.

With that, I introduce the Bayton 2019 Android Enterprise experience survey!

What it is


It’s a comprehensive survey aimed at anyone within an organisation managing Android Enterprise devices. It’s also suitable for MSPs, system integrators or other ecosystem partners who manage devices on behalf of other companies directly (ie, managed service).

The goal


This is something I’ve been working on for a while, and am keen to get as many responses as possible; the resulting report I hope will offer one of the most transparent, extensive insights into experiences and perceptions of Android in the enterprise available. It should highlight pain-points, top features, deployment trends, diversity of management and gauge the general understanding of some key Android Enterprise concepts.

Take part


There’s a fair bit of content within the survey so please do grab a cup of your preferred beverage if you’d like to take part, and I look forward to watching the responses roll in!

The survey is embedded below, but if it fails to load, here’s a link.