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TeamViewer Quick Support

Were you ever;

  • Stuck away from home, desperately needing access to that critical file for your meeting?
  • Trying so very hard to explain how to set up a network printer over the phone, but getting no-where?
  • Perhaps doing a little surfing that you didn’t want your company to see?
  • Wanting to share a presentation in real-time with colleagues on the other side of the World (or just from home, if you’re lazy)?

It goes without saying that not everyone can setup their home computers for RDP, have customers/relatives who are as computer savvy as yourself or go looking for that new job without showing off your browsing history to the prying eyes of the manager/his IT suckups. If any of the cases above apply to you then perhaps you may want to give TeamViewer a whirl.

Teamviewer is a downloadable executable that can be run as a service on your home machine or quickly launched into a small RDP type app that will allow you complete control over the host machine.

There are plenty of ways to go about remote-controlling a host computer, but nothing I’ve found as fast or simple as using TeamViewer when you’re in a rush.

Here’s a quick demo of how to get a quick-support session running (based on you having already installed the full version of teamviewer on your own machine beforehand)


When there’s a problem that can’t be fixed locally, or perhaps a presentation that needs to take place in two different locations, there is a way to do this. Using TeamViewer, a user can access another computer remotely and either take control, give control or even view presentations. All from the comfort of their own location.

Installing Teamviewer.

Log onto www.teamviewer.com


From here, click directly on Download in the top right corner.


From here, you will want to download the quick support module


Depending on Windows or Mac, make your selection. We will use Windows.

Select Run


And Run again once downloaded


TeamViewer Quick Support should now pop up.


Provide your supporter with your ID and Password when asked. Depending on whether you have scheduled a presentation, or asked for remote support, you will either see their screen, or they will see yours.

Now, the quick support module is more as it states, quick support. For that urgent issue you have to support from home or that presentation you were supposed to give, though were too ill to get in. The full version, or server version are available for more planned, longterm uses.

For more information, and to view their complete lineup of programs log onto www.teamviewer.com.

Give it a go, and if you get stuck, drop me a line.