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Mute @channel & @here notifications in Slack

Notification-geddon no more.

Connecting two Synologies via SSH using public and private key authentication

A Synology is basically a linux system, in a small case and with a nice web interface to do most basic tasks. For the tasks which do not run by default from the web interface, SSH can be used. This tutorial demonstrates how to set up passwordless SSH between two (or more) Synology boxes. This is very useful for automated tasks, such as automated backups. In this tutorial we will have a local Synology and a remote Synology. The local Synology will be able to connect over SSH without a password, to the remote Synology.

How to update Rsync on Mac OS Mojave and High Sierra

Out of the box, Mac OS High Sierra ships with a 12 year old version of Rsync. The reason for this is that Apple doesn’t include anything released under GPLv3 or similar licenses. Luckily, it's relatively quick and simple to update Rsync using Homebrew. Homebrew is a package manager not dissimilar to Yum on Redhat or Apt on Debian. You can follow the instructions in the above link, or just copy and paste the commands documented as follows.

Deploying MobileIron 9.1+ on KVM

Using RWG Mobile for simple, cross-device centralised voicemail

Adding bash completion to LXD

Lenovo Yoga 300 (11IBY) hard drive upgrade

Restricting access to Exchange ActiveSync

Switching to HTTPS on WordPress

Recycling Caps Lock into something useful - Ubuntu (12.04)

Nexus7: What you need to know

HTC Sense: Changing the lockscreen icons from within ADW

Push your Google+ posts to Twitter and Facebook

Using multiple accounts with Google.

The "Wn-R48" (Windows on the Cr-48)

Pushing Buzz to Twitter with

When Awe met Some. The Cr-48 and Gnome3.

The Virtualbox bug: "Cannot access the kernel driver" in Windows

Root a G1 running Android 1.6 without recovery!

Windows 7 display issues on old Dell desktops

Part I: My 3 step program for moving to Google Apps

Downloading torrents

Part III - Device not compatible - Skype on 3

Google enables Wave for Apps domains

Aspire One touch screen

Streamline XP into Ubuntu

Edit a PDF with Zamzar

Browsing on a (data) budget? Opera!

Buzz on unsupported mobiles

Buzz on your desktop

Part II: Device not compatible - Skype on 3

Part I - Device not compatible - Skype on 3

Dreamscene on Windows 7

Creating a custom WLM contact list

TeamViewer Quick Support

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