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Managing your social outreach with dlvr.it

Have you ever written a blog post, and then individually linked to it from your different social networks? What about posting the same updates to each of your social networks, one at a time?

If, like me, you have multiple networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, etc) and want a service to manage the delivery of your messages, updates, blog posts and anything else to any of your other destinations, maybe you need to check out dlvr.it.

dlvr.it is a fairly new service that does exactly what the name suggests using very simple menus and both RSS and seamless authentication with the services you use (permissions can be revoked at any time).

Using a split view of “source” and “destination” in a route, it’s easy to see what’s going where for even the most novice of users!

For each route set up (that’s a source and a destination), you are given an abundance of options tailored to each individual source making sure the information you’re publishing is delivered looking just the way you would want and expect, with either a link from dlvr.it pointing back to your original item (especially useful for Buzz to Twitter deliveries, no more 140 character limits!) or a direct link to your content.

As soon as you’re set up with a route you’ll notice that on most occasions, your information is picked up and delivered almost immediately after initially publishing – obviously extremely important for a service such as this where delays aren’t acceptable.

In addition to delivering your published items, real-time stats are available on every item delivered to show the traffic sent through dlvr.it’s links to your original content. These stats can even show new followers on Twitter, friends on Facebook and more. Do you fancy showing this information off? No worries! dlvr.it even provides gadgets you can embed into your site which both displays your stats and recommends your popular content.

If you’re not happy with the links dlvr.it provides, you have the additional option to use popular shortlink services or, as I’ve done, use your own domain to provide the links. A simple A or CNAME record and you’re ready to publish your content with your own links. What more could you want?

I could spout on about dlvr.it all day, but I think if this appeals to you so far, it’s best you take a look for yourself over on dlvr.it now. If you have any questions feel free to tap me up, and look out for some basic how-to’s to come very soon!