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BlueInput: The Bluetooth HID driver Google forgot to include

Do you find yourself typing far too much and too often on your phone or tablet? Are you struggling to get out all of the mails you need to in a relatively short time? Trying to blog on the go?

If so, then you’re no different to me. Changing from a phone with a slideout keyboard to a phone/tablet hybrid with an on-screen keyboard has severely effected how much I can type with my phone. I’ve looked at many different on-screen keyboards and looked into ways of connecting devices that’ll help speed things up but I came to the stark conclusion that I need a full blown keyboard to get things done. The problem is that Android doesn’t have a Bluetooth HID driver which leaves the thought of connecting a device like a keyboard just that – a thought.

Now though, I’ve found a solution.

Have you tried connecting a Bluetooth keyboard with BlueInput? If not I think you should.

BlueInput allows you to connect any Bluetooth keyboard or mouse without requiring a PIN and without any fuss.

Managing the devices is simple through their easy to use App and although from my testing the keyboard sometimes loses connectivity, it’s fairly stable and allows you to get so much more writing done in a single period of time than any on-screen keyboard could ever do.

Until Google decide to give us a HID driver so we can do this natively, BlueInput is a great choice.

The only downside to this application is the price.You really have to ask yourself: is 14 bucks worth the amount of time it will save me? If not, you may just have to wait for another solution, or until Teksoft realise how extortionately high their app price is.

The trial is in the Android Marketplace, why not give it a go?