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What's all the Buzz?

I’ve been using Buzz for a short while now and am beginning to really enjoy it. If you were to imagine a better form of Twitter, this would be it. I’m sure as time goes on it will become even better, and eventually merge into it’s own platform – being open to anyone – as opposed to being a part of gmail.

However, I’m still not happy about the amount of time it’s taking to get it rolled out to Google Apps users, being the proud owner of a few Apps domains I’ve been itching to try it out only, so far, to be left in the dark as with other Apps users around the globe.

Google stated initially that we [apps users] would have to wait a short while for Buzz to be rolled out, but I’m guessing that was well over a month ago now. It’s a little annoying. The most irritating part however is that we’re not being updated on the progress and effectively being left in the dark.

Now, I said in the beginning that I’ve been using this for some time, and I have – you can see it to the right there >> but I’ve had to resort to creating a normal gmail account and linking it to my apps account. Not very practical, and now I’m stuck with yet another email account I will never use (except for Buzz at the moment, naturally).

It’s not all gloom and doom though, I’ve used this time wisely to think up ways of best using this in my domain, and rather than starting completely over now that I have the hang of it, I’ll just be able to move to a different account and carry on, but in a different direction.

A lot of Apps users have stated they won’t want Buzz – after all, Schools and Businesses may find it distracts their employees/students.. but they’ll be able to turn it off just as they can with Sites, Calendar, even Email from the Dashboard – so it’s no big deal (they were very much over reacting on the Google blog I was reading a while back).

I’m just very much wondering why it’s taking so long… come on, Google!