On Tuesday, Google finally announced their intention to deprecate the Android device administration APIs – which have enabled enterprise device management since Android 2.2 Froyo in 2010 – in order to promote Android enterprise (or work profile and managed device APIs as Google refer to them) as the default and only management APIs for Android devices from 2019. In their announcement, Google state device admin will remain supported in Oreo now and through the next major release, Android P. One rather important caveat in Android P however is passcode enforcement will be deprecated ahead of being removed entirely in Android … read more.

Yesterday, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition, a PC-Class version of the consumer device better suited to a corporate environment. What does it mean? Many organisations today have a hardware lifecycle they like to follow. It may be 3 years, 5 years or another number that normally ties in with support contracts, budgets, reliability, or other factors. However long they may be, they’re almost guaranteed to be at odds with consumer-grade hardware – specifically in the Android ecosystem – that’s been encroaching upon enterprises over the last several years; with the annual refreshes, a maximum of 18 months … read more.

Overnight, MobileIron’s Provisioner app updated to version 1.2.0 and with it came the long-awaited support for QR code generation. The Mobile@Work DPC received official support for QR enrolment on the 16th of this month with version following MobileIron Go last month, so it was only a matter of time! I’ve covered unofficial QR code support with MobileIron previously: MobileIron unofficially supports QR provisioning for Android enterprise work-managed devices, this is how I found it Manual Android enterprise work-managed QR code generation for MobileIron These articles garnered attention both within and outside of the MobileIron community, leading to the accelerated … read more.

On Thursday, Google officially announced zero-touch enrolment for Android 8.0+, enabling out-of-the-box EMM enrolment without the manual processes traditionally associated with Android provisioning. If you’re familiar with Samsung’s KNOX Mobile Enrolment or Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (wherein iOS devices come configured out of the box to enrol onto a corporate EMM solution), Android’s zero-touch will not be a new concept. Zero-touch as a solution has been somewhat available since the original Pixel came onto the scene, with documentation referencing it against Android 7.1 which launched back at the end of 2016. With only the original Pixel supporting it however, it failed to make … read more.

Update! MobileIron now officially support QR code provisioning. Check out the updated post: MobileIron officially supports Android enterprise QR code provisioning This isn’t officially supported The following discusses a feature that is not officially supported and may stop working at any time. Use it as reference or learning experience to better understand the generation and validation of QR code enrolment with Android enterprise rather than relying on it within your/another organisation for MobileIron enrolment unless support is officially announced. The QR codes below point to the respective APK files hosted on my own server and not that of MobileIron. This is … read more.

Recently, while browsing through EMM resources on Gartner, I stumbled across an interesting study undertaken in 2016, in it Gartner reports: more than half of employees who used smartphones at work rely solely on their personally owned smartphones That is by no means an insignificant number, one that’s likely already increased 4 months into 2017 and will only increase further as we approach the next decade. And that’s a problem. While employees are ready to leverage Enterprise Mobility to improve productivity, enhance their work experience and make their lives easier, businesses in many cases simply aren’t keeping up; a recent … read more.

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