I’m attending MobileIron LIVE 2018 on the 16th and 17th of May.

Follow along below, or feel free to head over to the Discuss topic for live updates.

I’ll be arriving a little late so will miss the opening, but I’ll look to circle back around to that when I get there.

Something to say? Questions for the MobileIron team? Leave a comment below and I’ll aim to answer!

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  3. Talking about the benefits of corp-liable (work-related managed) deployment scenarios.

    Loads of that covered in my existing documentation - bytn.uk/android

  4. I think the main focus of the Android enterprise piece offered by MobileIron is the managed work profiles. No other EMM on the market supports that today which gives MI a good advantage.

    Managed work profiles has been covered off here: bytn.uk/mi-mwp

  5. Visiting the identity management booth!
    Talking about SAML with & without MI access

    Access sits between the IDP and SP as a means of ensuring only managed devices gain access to the service.

    Without access SAML can of course be used, but you lose the checks to determine if the device in question is authorised to log in.

  6. That’s

    • PIN
    • Fingerprint
    • Facial recognition
    • Trusted signal
  7. Here’s a good opportunity to read up on the Android enterprise Summit live-blog as there’s a lot of crossover here …

  8. Oh! Pre Oreo devices will be getting per-source confirmation when trying to install apps from unknown sources. This will be pushed in a Play Services update.


  9. Seems to be a big push on Mac management this year.

    Lots of talk about script management too with details in the Mac corner on MI community.

  10. And now moving on to DEP and zero-touch

    I’m guessing most will know about DEP/VPP and ZT by now, but if not, here’s a refresher:

  11. I’m looking forward to Apple business manager support. It will be very much welcomed I think. It’s taken far too long for Apple to merge these two portals.

  12. Hey Jason,

    Is there a link from android developers ? Can you explain it a little bit more please ?

  13. No links at present, but it’s essentially replicating what we see in Oreo today - if you try to install an APK from Chrome you get a prompt to trust the source on an individual basis… I don’t know how it’ll work with the wider rollout but details will follow #soon :slight_smile:

  14. Key value propositions

    • Protect data at the endpoint
    • Control where data is going
    • Focus on enabling productivity
  15. Very cool to hear they’re excited about Android P. Looks like we might be seeing a bit of focus on COSU :slight_smile:

  16. Intro over … heading up to the whisper suite shortly to get some insight on the Google Cloud/MobileIron piece.

  17. Intro over … heading up to the whisper suite shortly to get some insight on the Google Cloud/MobileIron piece.

  18. Orbitera, something I really didn’t understand the usecase for until today, actually looks pretty powerful.

    Imagine you want Box for your org. Buy it through orbitera and it’ll hook into MobileIron for SSO authentication and license management, push out the box app to users and allow them to log in using their existing accounts. All automatically.

    MobileIron will create the accounts dynamically as licenses are assigned to users and there is no need to manage the solution via the box admin console.

    Pretty slick!

  19. “We don’t separate our devices into enterprise and non-enterprise” - all devices are treated equally and given the fastest updates possible.

  20. Now Andrej is talking about Android enterprise deployment scenarios. You can read more about that here: bytn.uk/ae

  21. HMD support 2 letter upgrades

    We’ll be seeing Q on the 2018 lineup based on that statement!

    That’s pretty impressive

  22. Because Nokia devices are so bloat-free, consistent and always up to date, they believe the support overhead in enterprise is lower than other OEMs.

    I’d agree!

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