Today Google announced the public availability of the Android Enterprise Help Community, a community resource tied to the Android Enterprise Help Center.

Driven primarily by community experts (Google Product Experts), the Help Community offers the wider ecosystem of partners and customers a place to discuss all things Android Enterprise, whether EMM issues, device questions, zero-touch queries, deployment or in-life support concerns, best practices, tips or really anything else. As long as it’s AE, it’s fair game.

The community has been up and running for a little bit, and a few customers have stumbled upon it no doubt while perusing the Help Center articles, which has given GPEs like myself a bit of time to become familiar with the platform and a taste of the types of questions to come.

They. Are. Varied.

This is a great initiative by Google to get the experts out of the private Android Enterprise Google-run communities and into the public domain, and from now on you’ll find me spending time a fair bit of time there!

Check it out


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