Following on from Part I, where I discussed the Sony Ericsson K800i (it applies to all phones with java, you just need to google for a copy of 3’s Skype for your own phone’s display settings), I will now move onto the TyTN II (or, any windows mobile phone, I am running Windows Mobile 6.5)

Part II – HTC TyTN II (windows mobile)

I’ll start immediately by saying that you can do the exact same thing with a Windows Mobile phone as with the Sony Ericsson (or any other phone running java) if you already have something like Esmertec Java installed on your Windows Mobile Device. Simply copy the Java Skype app over to your phone and install it with Esmertec. You should note however, that this method will mean you’d need headphones to use it, as otherwise it will use the loud speaker.

However, there’s another – better (in my opinion) way of obtaining Skype on a Windows Mobile which fully integrates with the phone’s internal speaker and 3 network. That is to use iSkoot.

You can’t simply download iSkoot, install and go though, the guys over at XDA Developers have worked hard to create a small extra .cab file which changes over a number of registry settings, allowing iSkoot to communicate on the 3 network – this is great as it saves you a lot of time doing it all manually!

I have uploaded both the installer and extra .cab in one .zip file and will outline the installation instructions after the download link (click the box):

iSkoot 3UK


To make it just that little easier, I’ve even added pictures.


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7 responses to “Part II – “Device not compatible” – Skype on 3”

  1. Flek says:

    Nice one Jason. Came across this via Google – Great article – It works!!!

    • Jason says:

      I’m glad I could help, Flek!
      Please feel free to pass the message on to others 🙂

  2. kyle says:

    keeps saying unable to connect.. i am using the new HTC HD2. ANy known reasons for this? THanks, Kyle

    • Jason says:

      Hi Kyle,

      Can I ask where you’re located? Your IP says Colorado which would mean that these apps won’t work for you.
      I only have the setup for UK and AUS 3 network.

      Give me a little more to go on, and I’ll try to help.

  3. Andrejs says:

    Thanks a lot man, after several days of unsuccessful skype installs on my K800, your system worked fine for me. Thank You very much!

  4. Neo says:

    Hi mate where is Australian 3mobile WM 6.5 version???