shapewriterIn my article yesterday I discussed Swype. The reason I felt the need to publish the Beta email was because Swype decided not to support my mobile, and instead I thought I’d help others who may be waiting to try Swype out for themselves.

However for those of you who, like me, cannot get Swype on their device there is a viable second option!

Alternative to Swype – ShapeWriter

This ain't swype!

For today only, you can also download ShapeWriter from the Android Market. On the 21st (today) ShapeWriter will no longer be available from the Android Market, meaning you’ll have to find alternative download locations for it, or sign up to their beta program on their website when it becomes available. ShapeWriter does everything Swype does. Different people prefer to use one app more than the other, but it’s definitely a must-try if, like me, Swype is not available for your phone.

Now, you see where I said you’ll need to find an alternative download location? Well, what sort of person would I be if I left you high and dry like that?!

Just for you, an alternate download location is right here.


Download ShapeWriter

Mobile Download:

You’re welcome!


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3 responses to “Swype not compatible? ShapeWriter!”

  1. Siddarth Iyer says:

    Oh… thanks Jason, was looking for that. To hell with Nuance, buying Shapewriter and killing it off. ;P

  2. Rhey says:

    Thank you ver much. It was bad of nuance for killing it.