How to submit a device for Android Enterprise Recommended validation

If you’re an OEM looking for a way to submit your device for Android Enterprise Recommended validation, the process is simple:

Nominate the device

The OEM must complete this short nomination form to nominate the device. The form should be filled out once for every device requiring validation.

Ensure the device meets requirements

Google will give the OEM access to the AER requirements site, which cover both the hardware software requirements and recommendations they will be validating.

If the device isn’t currently passing the CTS and aligning to the CDD for example, there’s little point in continuing until this is the case (remember these are updated annually, so the OEM must ensure devices remain compliant).

Ship it

Once ready for validation, the OEM may ship the device(s) to a Google office (named by Google). Google will validate the device and the OEM will be informed whether the device validated or not.

If the device(s) did not pass validation, the OEM will be informed of why and given the opportunity to resubmit once issues are resolved.


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