Connecting to Nextcloud via webDAV: “Windows cannot access..”

Recent updates to Windows 10 have been interfering with my mapped Nextcloud webDAV network folder.

The errors

For existing connections:

For new connections:

The cause

Doing some digging, it would appear a Windows service is to blame:

The fix

The WebClient service needs to be running and, preferably, set to Automatic. However I’ve noticed with Windows updates this service is infrequently being set to manual and therefore preventing access to new or existing webDAV connections.

By settings Startup type to Automatic, the issue will no longer present itself.
To avoid a reboot, in the above screenshot simply click Start to restore the connection immediately.



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8 responses to “Connecting to Nextcloud via webDAV: “Windows cannot access..””

  1. Hi Jason, i dit all the tweaks you posted but after restarting Windows 10 it wasn’t automatically reconnected.
    i mapped Nextclouds webdav using an app-password and the following url: https://domain.tld/remote.php/dav/files/user/ successfully.
    Any further suggestions? Many thanks in advance for your assistance. Cheers, Carsten